Some short works.

iNsprate :: Wednesday 20 November 2013 - 13:54:38 :: Comments: 1
So hey guys. First of all, I want to apologize for the inactivity on the site. Here is some short works our crew did lately.

IceVip's remarkable 255 LJ BW edited by TonTo

More from TonTo

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Hello again!

psh :: Sunday 18 August 2013 - 13:20:25 :: Comments: 1
Long time no see guys! It's been quite a while but we are back after our break. I hope people are happy to see KZ-Pictures is back in the game. From now on we're not only into moviemaking but also into streaming as you might have noticed from the menus. We've completed successfully streaming the BKZ Tournament some days ago and now we're looking forward towards casting new events!

We are happy to announce the merge of KZ-Pictures and Vision Films too. After talking with Nubz and other people we've decided to merge our communities into one. We're looking forward towards our work together and we hope we'll be bringing you guys a lot of high quality movies.

In the last month some people put a lot of effort into rebuilding the website and community in general. I'd like to thank those people:
- PsYxOpAt - he build almost the whole website from scratch.
- Erik(also known as BalkY) - for creating our streaming plugin.
- iNsprate - for helping with reviving the YouTube channel.
- anybody involved in some way or supporting me and the community.
A big THANK YOU to all the people mentioned above.